Simple Answers to Why

I simply love improvisation. That’s really all there is too it. It’s not something that’s made me rich. Actually, one might even say it’s my pennants, but non the less, I love it.  I say this because this is an art form, and this pull in our guts to continue doing improvisation no matter what, pays like…well, an art form. Not many people are making a living at this art form, sure we make something, and some do make a living, but most of us also have another job.

Why then, why do we love it? There are so many reasons, and these are mine.

I love the joy it gives others.

I love that we support each other no matter what.

I love that you never know what will happen, but when you commit to the connection of each other – magic happens. You can’t explain it, it just happens.

I love watching people gain confidence through class work.

I love watching little children realize they can make people laugh. Watching them finally realize and “get it” is an amazing moment of joy. You can see it in their face, and it just about makes me cry with joy.

I love watching teams learn how to connect.

I love setting up players/performers to excel, making my partners look good. That’s our goal; to make your partner look good.

I love observing someone communicate in gibberish, (a made up language) and know exactly what they are saying.

I love the silly, impish teasing that happens between the players during the games.

I love interacting with the audience.

I love the science of comedy. For example, we can’t explain it, but when we say something once in a scene that gets a laugh that’s good, if we repeat it, it’s a little funnier, three times the audience goes wild, and four times  it is almost always, no long funny. This is the golden rule of 3.

I love how players can leverage a scene to get a larger response from the crowd.

I love the many, many, many people I’ve meet in ComedySportz international that all have that “I’ve got your back” attitude!

I love our Loyal Fanz!

I love “Yes And“. The improvisers philosophy for play and life.

In this little video piece you can see the joy in our eyes as we play.

So, what are your reasons? Why do you love improvisation?



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