The Hundred Thousand Dollar Improv Game

420293_953237437384_864003053_nOver the years, we’ve had many of our High School League team, or Minor League team as we called it, use their experiences, or skills as inspiration for their college admission essay.  One student wrote a poem, one create an entire song of which I still proudly own a copy and play from time to time.

The students that have shared their story with me, also shared that they received admission to the college of their choice. One student’s story stands out among many.  Perhaps it’s because he was the first to share his story, or perhaps it’s because of his mom!

Some years ago, one of our original High School League members was inspired to use one of his experiences at ComedySportz in his college acceptance essay. He received a full scholarship to Duke University. Now, I am assure that Keven “Super Genius” Fogg would have received a scholarship with our without his ComedySportz experience, however, his mom firmly believes that it was ComedySportz, and specifically one particular game, that urged a closer look at his application.
While cleaning out files I found Kevin’s essay, and my heart was filled with those warm fuzzy feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Grateful to have had this amazing student, and appreciative of the lessons he has taught me.  Allow me to share the first paragraph.

“A heavy base rhythm thumped away in the background and a bright light shone on the stage. I nervously watched my fallen comrade descend to her seat. An audience member bellowed out the name “Skip.” My mind started racing, how many words could I rhyme with Skip? Sip, trip, flip. How many of these words would my opponent use? Lip, rip, hip. We were on the stage at a professional improv show. I and my fellow performers were playing the game “Da-do-run-run,” based on the old fifties song. The objective is to continue the song through as many rhymes as possible, the player who cannot come up with a thyme is out. We were down to the last round, and the outcome of the match depended on who won that game. All the pressure was on me. Zip, tip, clip. My opponent fires a skillful line, employing the word “quip”. I quipped back just as easily. “The isle of Ceylon used to be called Serendip!” And with that, I won the game.

Kevin is now a Faculty of History, at University of Oxford. As of Friday he received confirmation that he will be teaching at Oxford for the next four years! Congratulations Super Genius! We always believed in you, we love you, and we know you’re doing great things.

I suspect you are an amazing teach, as I know that you have taught me many, many lessons oh wise one!

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