Lessons Of Laughter offers many different programs from Keynote Speaker to Creative Concepts Coach. If you are in need of increasing your creativity, morale, presentation skills and team communication skills we can help. A team that can have fun while being professional and getting results is what life is all about. Well, that and the Hokey Pokey!

Presentation Coaching:
Create an effective presentation, find and infuse your own humor, and speak with confidence and comfort to a group of 6 or 600.

Increase team morale and education over the course of a year.
Twelve, ninety minute programs used within the course of a year. Each program designed to increase team education, communication and morale through the act of interactive play. Each ninety minute program focuses on one specific goal, i.e., team building, troubleshooting, adaptability, brainstorming, communications skills, acceptance, commitment, to list a few.

Benefits: Create a culture of play and creativity that will yield a more innovative company.

Team Building and Innovation Seminars :
Custom designed programs for your company focusing on the issues that are causing your team not to be efficient, productive, motivated, or effective.
Benefits: Increase communication, understanding and acceptance, educate on effective brainstorming, improv troubleshooting and adaptability, move from creativity to innovation.

Creative Thinking Seminars:
Custom designed programs for your company focused on increasing creativity and innovation.

Benefits: Move the team from destructive to constructive brainstorming by providing tools and techniques to allow the flow of creativity in a positive environment.

Creative Concepts Coaching:
One on One coaching designed to inspire and create new ideas and concepts for programs and products. Great for the small business owner.

Cheer Comedy: Customized cheers created as ice breaker intro’s for kick off meeting, programs, and other events.

Event Emcee: Yup, you got it! Someone that can emcee your event.

Customized Comedy
A customized sketch or show created specifically for your company, new product launch, team kick off meeting, annual event.

Muse Interviews: Need a short little clip to upload to Youtube or Facebook? Looking for a little commercial for your site? Something quick and done with that playful impromptu attitude. Nothing fancy, just a quick little piece to announce some new product, service, or event that’s about to happen. If so, drop the Muse an email. Visit the video page of our website for previews.


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