Yes And…Mama Mia!

"Yes And"...Mama Mia

Two Men and a Lady...A Funny Lady!

I’ll never forget the day our friend called us when he was visiting NYC and asked us if we wouldn’t mind being good friends, and breaking into his house… See his son, Zak, a jr. in college, majoring in musical theatre, was about to kick off his first true professional gig. He was going to be singing with the Broadway Boys on the Rosie O’Donnall cruise ship. This was huge; the Broadway Boys are comprised of top leading men that star in Broadway productions, not to mention that Rosie is a huge supporter of Broadway. Who knew what endless possibilities lie on that trip.

In all Zak’s excitement, he forgot his passport.

“Could you break into our house, and get Zak’s passport and hire a currier service to get it to NYC by morning.”

“Yes And” was the response.

My husband, or as I call him “The Dish” and I had friends visiting from out of state and we were about to start cooking a nice dinner, but that could wait. While “The Dish” went to burgle our friends, I lined up a currier service. The first quote was more than willing to make the six hour drive for the low, low price of $800.00. I know right. I was thinking about changing professions right then and there.

I called another service and this price was half, that was providing everything went with out a hitch. Then they promised to pick up the package in two hours. Problem solved! We cooked dinner and waited, and waited. No service.

We called. They explained that there was a “hitch” that occured. Oh they could still get the package to NYC, but it would get there by 5:00 pm, which was too late, as the ship would leave port at 4:00.

Our friends said, “well, you tried”.

Then we explained “Yes And”. They got excited, now it was a game. They wanted to help us solve the puzzle, to “move the scene” forward.

They thought of calling the performers at the ComedySportz Improv Theatre and offer the $400 if any of them can get the passport to NYC. They were just about to start the late show, so we had to catch them just before. We called them and explained the situation, and also explained to them “the solution is Yes And. Call me if you have any ideas.”

Two hours later I got a call from Thomas. “Boss, Boss, we have a plan. I’m going to drive the “package” to NYC. Yes and PJ volunteered to be my wing man so I don’t fall asleep. Yes And, you know my car use to belong to Fred Flinstone and is old as Bedrock itself, so I don’t think it’ll make the trip, so Jenni is letting us use her new car. I’ll be over shortly to pick up the package.”

Thomas and PJ drove all night. Then at about 9:30 I got a call. Boss, Boss the package has been delivered, I repeat the package has been delivered, the fox is in the henhouse, the eagle has landed, Elvis has entered the building.

Because of “Yes And” Zak made the deadline and was on that cruise ship. “Yes And” he got to sing with the Broadway Boys. “Yes And” they got to sing with the original Mimi from the musical Rent. “Yes And” during that song a photographer took a picture. “Yes And” that picture landed in the New York Times. “Yes And”, on that cruise ship he made many connetions that are helping with his career. “Yes And” Zak has since graduated and is living and working in NYC.

Zak is extremely talented and it’s easy to know that with all his hard work and dedication of course he’s going to achieve his dreams. We’re glad we were able to assist with this one. We all felt joined together to create this wonderful team for that one moment in time. And to update this story further and if you wanted to know…”Yes And”…Zak will be playing on Broadway in Mama Mia!!!

Congratulations to you Zak! We are so happy and proud of you!


4 responses to “Yes And…Mama Mia!

  1. Great story, Christine! I hope you get a mention when he gets his first Tony award.

    • christinewalters

      Thanks David. I’m sure I could learn a bunch o tips from you! And…I can’t wait to see Zak in the show!

  2. Too funny! I had to do this for a friend with Orange Bowl tickets once. He changed his mind when he realized he could scalp a pair for less than it would cost for the courier service.

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