Why CSz?

I’ve mentioned before that I love improvisation, specifically ComedySportz®. Though, I must admit, it’s more challenging for me lately to connect with players. I’m currently away from my home base in Richmond, Virginia, and am in Connecticut taking care of family, so there’s that; but also my heart isn’t in it like it use to be.  It might be a slump, or I may have become one of the old dogs on the porch that’s just fine sitting and watching the younger pups at play. I’m praying it’s a slump.

I still love teaching improv, love watching people process improv lessons and realize that they can, but that is a different blog all together. This blog is all about why CSz.

There are plenty of improvisation troupes out there. There are tons of different formats and styles, and all have their own unique beauty, but it was in watching a ComedySportz performance in DC 20 years ago that I was hit by lighting, metaphorically speaking. I was already in the improv troupe, “Turbulence”, but once I saw ComedySportz I had to be involved. The high was so intoxicating, it was like being in love.

The performers’ magic connection transcended verbal communication. I witnessed performers communicating with each other verbally, non verbally, through eye contact, and, and, and…it was like magic. From that moment on, it’s been ComedySportz for this lady!

So why the sudden confession of my love for CSz? Well, there are so many, many different stories I could share, and perhaps I should start doing that more this year.

Each year, 20 plus CSz teams gather together to share, learn, play and compete for the coveted “Meaningless Cup”.  Over 100 like minded people, that all understand the benefits of “Yes And” and laughter, convene in one state, one city, one room. There is so much joy and love that you can hardly walk a couple feet before another person comes by to give a big bear hug hello. Oh, and the talent; upon returning from my first tournament in ’96 my stomach muscles hurt for a week from so much laughter.

But the reason for the confession is this; while working at my portable Connecticut office, I took a few moments to read a blog post by Alex DiVirgilio and found the opening number to a video from the Indianapolis CSz Tournament from a few years ago. Within minutes I was filled with tears of joy. The joy on the performers faces, the creative rewrite of the original lyrics, the exuberance of the 100 plus improvisers in the audience; yup it was pure, it was love, it was devotion, it was happiness.

That’s why.


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