The “ACTTive” Leader – The Power of Attitude, Commitment, Teamwork, & Trust

In order to be an effective leader we need to ACTT. By applying the principles of Attitude, Commitment, Teamwork and Trust we can provide the leadership that our employees need to be an All Star team.

Improv Your Life – Live in the Moment and Accept the Offer

In our daily life we are rarely focused on the actual day. We are mentally preparing for life tomorrow. The spontaneity of improv teaches us to live in the moment with a Yes And attitude. Be ready to accept offers, and build on them. By accepting offers and being present we hear the joke, laugh more, and stress less.

Fail and Fail Big : And the Good Things that Happen as a Result

In order to succeed we must Fail and Fail Big. It happens, learn, move on, and succeed When we step into our shoes and take a risk, we must be ready for the results. If improv has taught Christine anything, it is to laugh in the face of failure. In no time you’ll be appreciating the mistakes you make, and moving forward.

Humor Me: Using Humor in Your Presentations

Using humor in presentations is easier than you think. Live in the moment, trust your instincts, and stop judging yourself. Relax, it’s comedy not brain surgery. Anybody can do it, it’s as easy as one, two, three.


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