Presentation Coaching

You’ve developed the presentation, you know your keynote and stories, and now you have to perform. Are you ready? Are you confident with your material and know how to engage your audience with humor?

Learn how to develop your presentation to create a lasting impression with a powerful impact. Showmanship can be learned, contact Christine to learn how to create humor in your program, increase your confidence, and help you develop performance skills that will help you WOW your audience.

Here’s what some clients are saying:

“My speeches are just soaring along. I’m getting bolder each month and people are now wondering what I’m going to do next. One of the members said, “I just want you to know, that I can’t wait for you to stand up each week, so that I can hear what you are going to say.” Well, you could of scraped me up off the floor with a spatula! Thank you Christine so much for helping me.”

Karen Cundiff

The Art Maker Inc.

Christine knew exactly what to do to help me feel safe enough to be my best self in front of the camera. She knew just what to do to help me relax, get out of my critical thinking and come across as relaxed, personal and professional.

Debbie Bowie

Rock Scissors Paper Institute

Just got a note from the president of the company “you were great in staff meeting”. BAM. Thanks Christine

Client Text Message

If you’re looking to combat fears, increase confidence, or just polish up your act, contact Christine. You’ll not only find results, you’ll have fun while experiencing a Lesson Of Laugther.


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