I’ve Got Your Back

“I’ve Got Your Back!” These are the words we say pre show at ComedySportz just before we’re introduced. We high five each other, and pat each other on the back and say “I’ve Got Your Back”. And we do!

Many people think that improvisation is about being funny, and that only really funny people can perform improv. Well, personally, I think everybody is an improviser, and with time and practice we get better every day, month and year.

Being funny happens. It just happens. We have all been funny at one time or another. Improvisation is feeling safe and comfortable. Trusting the other people with you in the scene, and knowing that they will support your ideas, efforts, and performance. Once you know you can trust the other members of your team, you can commit to performing. Once you commit to performing and just start playing together a funny thing happens, and then comes the laughter.

One student, always thought he was funny and he knew how to perform improv. He always forced the funny, and tried to be funny, which resulted in not being funny at all. He was more interested in him and his performance. Of course this frustrated the other students in the class. Then, during their gradation performance something happened. He started to focus on his team mates and make them shine. He had their backs! He supported his team and a funny  happened almost as a mistake. He hadn’t expected the scene to unfold as it did, but you could see he was just going with the moment and performing with his team. In doing so, the audience laughed and laughed hard. You could see the transformation on his face as he realized, in that moment, how making your partner look good made him look good.

When the show was over, the group bonded and hugged each other as they laughed and learned an important lesson. The lesson of “I’ve Got Your Back”.


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