Nothing was going right!

It’s been one of those weeks where it seems that nothing is going right. Is Mercury in Retrograde again? No. Just one of those days.

As hard as I tried things just were not clicking together. I was thinking of just sitting on the floor, crossing my arms, furrowing my brow, and saying herumph waiting for it all to pass. Who knew how long that could take though. All the signs were pointing to the same message, “it would appear that it was time to just take a break”. Well, I’m much more stubborn than that so I continued to work feverishly at accomplishing a big fat nothin’!

Soon it was time for me to head off to the improv class I teach at Anna Julia Conner Episcopal School in Church Hill. I left early to stop and get a Coke Zero for the drive. Oh, and by the way, have you tried Coke Zero? I wasn’t going to, because it sounded like Coke Nothing to me. One day it was the only choice, so begrudgingly I sampled the “nothing” soda. A MAZ ING! Now it’s the Coke Gotta Have. Perhaps they’ll rename it.

Where was I, ah yes, I left early, got my soda and onto the highway to…you guessed it…sit in traffic making me late for the class! As I sat there I screamed out “I WANT THIS DAY TO START MOVING!!!”

The student at AJCES are great. Oh, it’s not easy to teach improv to young people that have never seen improv.  They’re seventh graders, and just about at that appathetic age, but it’s truly a joy to teach, to play with them. More of those stories to come in future blog entrees.

As the day started, the kids were a bit less focused then usual. One of them even said I’m board, I don’t want to do this. At this point, I just chalked the comment up to the make up of the day. Slowly, however, things started to turn around.

After class, when I got back to the office there was an email from the speech coach of AJCES.

“I just wanted to touch base with you regarding one of your students. We have been working together on her speech this year and I have noticed tremendous improvement lately which she says is due to working with you in the Improv class at AJCES. She said her confidence has improved because you expect her to do everything that everyone else is expected to do. I would love to chat with you sometime to hear more about your work.”

Wow! What a note. All because I teach the children how to play. Correction, how to play with each other.

Ah, after a note like that its time to put the pen down, turn the computer off, and take a much deserved break. Eventually we all see the benefits of our hard, often slow moving, work.


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