Laughter & Visioning Setting Your Course for a Great 2011

Laughter & Visioning Setting Your Course for a Great 2011

You are invited Laughter & Visioning, the first full day seminar of Back on Track 4 Women.

Women often don’t get what they really want for two important reasons: they fail to address barriers that impede their progress, like chronic stress, and they don’t make time to get clear about what they really want.

This seminar will address both issues. !! You will first reconnect with your playful self and the daily benefit of
laughter, play and fun, guided by the Christine Walters of Lessons of Laughter.

Then you will create a vision board using the wisdom of feng shui principles, creative visualization and
interactive exercises, facilitated by Debbie Bowie of the Rock Scissors Paper Institute.
You will leave relaxed, armed with tools to better handle stress, prepared to make room for more humor, fun and play in your daily life. You will have a completed vision board to help you stay on track to get more of what you really want in 2011.

A family style lunch is included in the price of admission.

Presenters: Christine Walters -inspirational comedian, professional speaker, and owner of Lessons of Laughter Debbie Bowie – professional speaker, feng shui practitioner, Certified Professional Organizer®, and owner of Rock Scissors Paper Institute

! •! February 26, 2011
! •! 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Location: ! •! Richmond Hill, 2209 E. Grace St., Richmond, VA 23223, (804)783-7903 Cost: ! •! $137, discounted $30 until February 4.

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