Why Do Got Your Back Richmond?

Why? Well, because I’ve been an owner of a small business and I know the up and downs. One thing I learned was that customers, Richmonder’s love to know the owners and the story. The funny thing about that is the owners rarely think the story is about them. They like to hide behind the store and talk about the product.

How? – With my flip camera and my mac. I’m learnin’ as I go people and having a good time learning.

What’s the catch? That’s the funny thing. Really, I’ve had the idea poking around in my head for months and I keep pushing it away. The participants, shop owners, are not paying for this project. The sponsors are/will. About that sponsor thing? Want to be one? If so let me know at christine@lessonsoflaughter.com

Look, If one woman can commit to cooking every recipe in a Julia Child’s cookbook, then this shouldn’t seem too weird. Besides, so far I’m getting to meet some great people and hear their story. Oh and I do love a good story. Don’t you?


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