Got You’re Back Video Challenge

Buen Camino

A Camino is a 30 day commitment to yourself and can be physical, spiritual, religious, social, or fun! Pick something and do it for 30 days in a row.

Mark LeBlanc

My friend, Shirley T. Burke, has been participating in Mark’s Buen Camino program for over a year. She’s been encouraging me to get come up with a 30 day program and try it. I’ve watched her progress and have been very intrigued. Each month she sets a new goal for herself; some small, some large. The point is to be consistent with one practice for 30 days.

This idea keeps tapping on my noggin. My creative mind continues to say “hey do this challenge – it’ll be fun!” The 30 day challenge would be to take my little flip camera around town. It just simply won’t let me be, and thus I guess I should commit and do the challenge.

If you didn’t know me, I believe in shopping locally and supporting our community. Who doesn’t right? Well, as a business owner that felt the firm boot of the economy kick my keaster, I can say, I truly understand the dogged determination of a small business owner. It ain’t easy getting up, day after day, and staying motivated and inspired to live that American dream. Yes, it’s the American dream, but the blood, sweat, and tears are never something any one really understands until they’re in the thick of it. And with out these strong willed pit bull entrepreneurs we would not have the personality, the vitality, the hip cool edgy factor of our city. No, we would all be living in Box City USA.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the large box stores and they serve their purpose.  I’m probably going to run to a Target, Khols, Sears, Walmart for some things, but when I can I want to support my homies, my peeps; those that give this city the flair that makes it amazing. At least in shopping at the big stores keeps $0.15 stays in our community, where as shopping online keeps nothing in our community.

Now, I might not have gobs and gobs o cash to support all the local stores I would like. Perhaps you do, so please go shop local! In this crazy lady’s case, I’ll be purchasing when I can and then filling in with my 30 Day Video Challenge. Each day, look to this blog site for a new video short featuring one of our locally owned businesses of Richmond. The videos will be real; real people, real interactions, candid, fun, spirited. We’ll find out why they do what they do, what drives them, what they like about their business, and other random facts.

Do you remember that song  “Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood” from Sesame Street? Well, it’s time we really get to know the people in our neighborhood.

I’m excited to get out there and meet, greet, and video you. Who want’s to join me and go shopping and create fun video clips? hmmmmmm?

When will it all begin? Stay tuned!!!


One response to “Got You’re Back Video Challenge

  1. Hi Christine,
    It was fun talking with you this morning. Attached is my izigg website link. I think you local businesses will find this a big help for their business.
    If they have any questions they can reach me at 401-465-2033

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