Happy Thanksgiving

In our family we have a tradition, as I suspect many of you do as well. Each Thanksgiving before the blessing of the meal, we would go around the table and say what we are thankful for. This was one of my favorite holiday traditions. As the holiday grew closer I eagerly started to make a list of the things I would say at the table. It was almost as exciting as making the dream list for the Christmas holiday using the Sears Catalog as a guild.

Each person had a different way of expressing their gratitude. Some members of the family provided a detailed list of all the things, ALL THE THINGS! they were grateful for over the year. Some offered thanks with the air of a hallmark card and were warm and sentimental bringing tears of joy to many. Some were whimsical, fun and funny. Others were short and sweet, as they simply wanted to EAT TURKEY! And my Grandfather, “Grampy”, ended the circle sitting at the head of the table always, always saying “I’m thankful I’m not sitting next to ______!” It just depended which one of the grandchildren wasn’t sitting next to him, though I remember him saying my cousin Erin’s name the most. This always brought great joy and laughter to the table. Grampy always left us laughing, but then again that’s one of the things that made my Grandfather an awesome Grampy.

As I reflect back on this year and the things I am thankful for I am overwhelmed with emotion. It has been a wonderful year chock full of reasons to be thankful. Yes, it’s been a roller coaster of a ride this 2009, but I wouldn’t trade one bit of it. There has been meaning and lessons behind each step taken.

There have been many that have lent support and friendship this year and I wish to say thank you very much. Of course my husband, “The Dish”, has been the best friend a girl could ask for providing and teaching unconditional love and patience. I have reconnected with many old friends that I’ve missed and thought about over the years all thanks to this newfangled Facebook contraption; And that has made me very, very happy! Some of the events that have happened this year have made me appreciate God, the Universe and those angels watching over us. Just recapping the year there have been family events, friends getting married or engaged, family and friends having babies, tons o laughter, ton’s o heart ache which has made me learn a great deal, and the list goes on and on. Yes, there are many things to be grateful for this year, and I’ll be remembering and saying that at the table tomorrow, as I get ready to appreciate the wonderful meal we will all share together in one way or another. I am very grateful for the many friends and blessings in my life, and mostly I’m grateful I won’t be sitting next to Erin.


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