Classes at University of Richmond

Very exciting news! Four classes that I’ve proposed to the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Richmond have been accepted!

Improvisation, humor, and laughter are great skills and teach fabulous life lessons. If you or anyone you know is interested in one of these classes remember to sign up. Sign up begins in December, so you have time to plan ahead.

Three of the classes are geared towards professionals.

CorPlay: Increasing Fun in Corporate America – Remember how the seven dwarf sang “Whistle While You Work”? Well, we are much more productive when we are enjoying what we do, and having fun, laughing, and playing while we work helps reduce stress.

Teambuilding, Confidence and Public Speaking – Want to speak easy? Want to feel confident when you stand and deliver your message? Want to learn how to play nicely in the sand box with others? Yes And…this class will teach you how to find your funny and feel comfortable speaking in front of others.

Innovative Thinking: It is easy for adults to get stuck and forget how to get creative. It can also be easy for adults to get stuck moving from creative to innovative! This class can help teach you how to do that and get your team following your lead.

All programs hone the skills of attitude, commitment, teamwork and trust. There are many other lessons that improvisers have learned as a result of these four basic principles. Sign up, come play and learn how you can be more creative, innovative, and fun!!!

The other course is a personal first. It’s the first improv course for home schoolers.

The Plays The Thing: Learning theatre and improvisational skills and games teaches life skills such as storytelling, performance, presentation skills, creative thinking, brainstorming, problem solving and so much more. This class will teach children to create stories and scenes and then work together performing. The students will get to test their new skills in a performance for they families at the last class.

Over the years, with ComedySportz, I’ve offered hundreds of different programs for children and have been a guest teacher in many Richmond schools.

The Plays The Thing:

I recently asked previous students to share what they learned from their experience with ComedySportz. I gotta say, their notes made me misty eyed. Read on and you’ll see why.

ComedySportz taught me that I don’t need to be funny to be myself. That I can be whoever I want, and people will still accept me.

– Ellen, 14, Henrico High School. I started when I was in third grade, so I would have been eight.

ComedySportz taught me how to not take anything too seriously. It taught me that there is always a bright side, and something to laugh about.

– Eric, 14 started ComedySportz at age 9

ComedySportz taught me how to accept failure, not to go into a situation with a preconceived idea, to generally not think as much, to not force comedy, to be enthusiastic about everything you do, to be supportive, to laugh at everything, and a lot of bad pun jokes. Being in the high school league gave me the tools I need to speak to large groups of people as well as one on one conversations.

– Jillian, 21, started at age 15

After seeing Comedysportz for the first time it changed my life. I knew there was some way to join without growing up just yet. Comedy sportz has taught me how to talk and perform in front of large crowds and make people laugh harder than i already did. Its given me life skills like making new friends, keeping a conversation alive, and sell it when i fail.

– Nick, 15, started at age 10 grade 6

I started coming at age five and joined the troupe at 12 in the 8th grade.

Comedysportz taught me that it’s ok to fail because nobody is perfect as well as the value of laughter in your life, laughter/csz helped me through many traumatic times in my life and without it I wouldn’t be the person I am. Thank you for allowing me to express myself as well as to make lifelong friends and most importantly with helping with the shaping of who I am today.

– Kelly, 19

Comedysportz taught me how to accept things on stage and in life. And more importantly how to be a better person, and not a robot. Because nobody is friends with robots.

– Kris, 18, started at age 9

“I used to be the unfunny one, and now I’m the unfunny one who sells it”.

– Glenn, 16, started at age 11


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