Botticelli, Botticelli, Botticelli

Just read an article in Wall Street Journal about the new trend with high fashion models and the new hipsters are the models with a gap teeth. Ain’t it funny! And I mean funny peculiar.

I’m not gonna lie, my body image can get me down. But as I get older, I tend to focus on body image less and less. A good reason for this is do to my husbands encouragement to sell our scale at our yard sale last year. It’s been tough breaking my addiction to the scale. The morning ritual of getting up and on the scale was routine behavior for more than 2 decades.

Well it’s been a year, and the only time I’ve been on the scale is when I’ve gone to see the doctor. In the time since selling the scale, I’ve had to check in with my image with the way my clothes fit, and by the view in the mirror. To increase my appreciation and learn to accept my image, when I stand in front of that tell all mirror, I vogue. Yep, I Vogue like Madonna sings “strike a pose”, and I say over, and over, and over with each pose
 “Botticelli, Botticelli, Botticelli, Botticelli” as if to express that I am a model posing for a world renowned artist. Man oh man, or should I say WoMan oh WoMan! it is some kinda cathartic oof!

My mind has shifted, I’m not as obsessed, my weight hasn’t changed much in the past year. Oh sure, like all women, I would like to weigh less. But I am no longer obsessed about what I weigh for image sake. I honestly have no idea what I weight. Now, I would like to weigh less to feel more comfortable and be more healthy. I guess when you vision yourself as a model for a brilliant artist, it makes you feel beautiful. Now, don’t you want to go stand in front of a mirror, strike a pose, and say Botticelli, Botticelli, Botticelli.


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