ComedySportz, Training and Coaching

Ah today promises to be an exciting day. The new CSz Manager Team, James Manley, Dave Gau, Susan Scovill and myself will be getting together with the fantastic Donna Leone of Thalhimers to tour and visit some locations for the future ComedySportz arena/stadium.

Donna is one of the most remarkable sales reps I’ve worked with over my fourteen years as an entrepreneur. We’ve all had this kind of rep at one point, the kind that you know really has your back, and really works for you. All she had to do, with any company she worked with, was tell me what she was selling, and she had my business. Well, she’s proving her worth once again, as she has scheduled and lined up a whirl wind 3 hour tour for the team today and seeing as many as 10 spaces. A three hour tour y’all!!

Then it’s off to train the trainers of Challenge Discovery how to change their game and ad more creativity to their day. Improvisation is great for that as it defiinitly teaches acceptance, commitment, teamwork, trust, brainstorming, quick thinking, trouble shooting, listening, body language, etc. etc. etc.

One thing improv is not is forced funny! People seem to think they can’t do improv because they’re  “not funny” or they “can’t think that quickly”. Silly people. Improv is about being in the moment and accepting. Well, that’s another blog for another day. No doubt the Challenge Discovery team and I will be laughing and learning in no time.

All this and I am desperately in need of a root canal. Cursed tooth! Ah well, I’ll just have to think about that tomorrow!


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