Funny Peculiar or Funny HaHa

Growing up with my three sibling in Ct I was always a bit funny. Funny ha ha, or funny peculiar, you can decide. My first crush…Harpo Marx.

My family nurturing was a bit of the funny peculiar. My parents divorced while I was 7, and my mom remarried, not peculiar. My step dad moved us to a ginormous dairy farm in VT. Kinda peculiar, and amazingly cool for a kid from the burbs. Eventually, we moved back to Connecticut to be closer to our dad.

Then my mom, step dad and dad, thought it would be a good investment to purchase a three family house. My dad would occupy the third floor apartment, while renting out the other two. In the fall of ’78 my dad had a heart attack, and since he had no family near by to care for him, my step dad offed for him to recuperate at our home. Very peculiar and no doubt the best Christmas ever to have all three parents under the same roof and then opening presents! oof!

While my dad was recuperating, my mom’s dad passed away, and her mom was left living alone. Now don’t ask how this Lucile Ricardo idea came about, but,  since my grandmother had never lived alone, and my father, after his heart attack, needed a care taker, it was decided that my mom’s mom and my dad would move into the first floor apartment of that 3 family house as roommates. Okay, that’s really peculiar

As a result of the 80’s recession, my mom and step dad’s sold our house and moved us into the top two floors of that 3 family house. That’s ridiculously peculiar.

Now to recap my mom’s mom and my dad lived on the first floor. My mom and step dad on the second, and my two brothers, sister and I on the third. We were a modern day Walton’s, minus 3 kids. Now you all understand why I’m kinda funny. You can decide if that’s funny peculiar or funny haha.


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