Is it really that simple? Well, according to the license plate of the lovely black Ford pickup truck I was driving behind today, the answer was right in front of my eyes stating “Yes” it is that simple.

This got me thinking, if we are in control of our emotions. If we can control our responses, then why not choose to JUSBHPY?

I must admit that I was not in the best of places as I was driving. A bit frustrated thinking about the endless amount of work and chores on my task list and with the endless amount of red lights I was catching as I drove a short 2 miles from point A to point B.  To add to that, the AC  was out on my car and it was a hot day, and out of determination to appreciate the nice summer weather I refuse to repair the damn thing until I succumb to the humidity and oppressive heat.

Sitting at the 8th consecutive red light, with the temperature nearing 100 degrees I almost caved. When there, in front of my eyes “JUSBHPY”. I had to laugh. It seems that there are signs all around us that just pop up, right out of the blue, reminding us to open our eyes and appreciate being exactly where we are, who you are, and what is happening around you.

That was all it took. I readjusted my mind, my attitude, or as Steven Covey would say, I shifted my paradigm. I was no longer sitting at another red light, but appreciating the moment as I was still going to be early to my destination. I appreciated the warm sunny day, as my car, the one with out AC is after all a convertible.

It’s simple things like this that remind me of the words my mentor Patrick Walsh use to say to me “It’s not brain surgery”. No I guess it never is.  Unless of course you happen to actually BE a brain surgeon.  How often do we make life more difficult, challenging or complex than it actually happens to be?

My friend Laura Posey, of LYLA, says that it is that simple. She’s a funny lady, and very matter of fact. She says “what do you like to do?” “Then do that!” This is generally followed by a long discussion of just follow your instincts.

Improvisation, as I have learned, explains that we should trust our partner and our instincts, take the first offer in a scene,  accept and build on that.  See that offer as a gift, connect and build.  Simple right?

And yet, we make it so difficult to simply connect with that one offer. We get stuck in our head analyzing what was said, or we’re thinking the scene should go in a certain direction based on some preconceive notion we had as a result of listening to the offer or “suggestion” from the audience.  As a result we over complicate the scene, we become frustrated, and then frequently over analyze what went WRONG! All because we lost focus of keeping it simple.  It becomes LMTOWICBAWICBDWMILLIALTTMTM instead of JUSBHPY.


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