Dancing Bear

Every morning, our dog Bear, reminds us that life is about appreciating the small things, and that those small things mean a lot. He does this by dancing! Much like Snoopy dancing and singing his supper time song in the Charlie Brown mucisal, Bear dances around telling us it’s time, oh it’s time! He dances the whole time we prepare his meal.

I’ve asked Bear if it’s just that easy to be happy. He responded with “YES, I don’t need to focus on all the things I don’t have in life. I like to focus on the things I do have. To make a joy of those things and celebrate with dance, and sometimes with song! It is my job to bring joy to my people, and remind them that, as Jake and Friends says, “Life is Good”.  I used to focus on the negative, and, well, it made me sad. Now, my life has changed, and I don’t let my mind focus on stinkin’ thinkin’! I get a comfortable place to nap out of inclement weather, two squares a day with some chicken broth, snacks here and there, and a whole lot o lovin’ and pettin’ from my peeps! What more could I want! It’s all in the focus, and I choose to focus on the little things that make me the happiest!”


WOW! RIGHT?! He’s one amazing dog that Bear!


2 responses to “Dancing Bear

  1. Bear and my Rosie would make good dancing partners.

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