Happy Easter…

…or as my grandfather would say Happy Keaster.

Many people will be celebrating the holiday of Easter today, remembering the reason we celebrate, gathering together with friends and family and all around enjoying the day.

In Richmond, we have a wonderful tradition of an Easter Parade. After church and brunch, everyone will get ready, put on their Easter hats, and walk up and down Monument Avenue. Many will even dress up their pets in their Easter hats. Today is a beautiful day for such a walk. The daffodils and cherry trees are in blossom today, and there is just enough breeze that it might blow a few of those hats off some heads.

I recall many years ago as a child, a different tradition. The Easter Sunday dinner at my grand parents. This was always a wonderful time, with good food, and a chance to see the entire family. I especially enjoyed the chance to visit with my grandfather. He was always a tease, and adored children. You never knew what Grammpy had in store for the holiday, but you knew he would do something.

The visit always started off with a hello hug, and a whisker burn. He, knowing we would be there, wouldn’t shave just so he could give us a whisker burn. We would cry out, and you would hear my grandmother yell “Murph, leave the kids alone”. His name wasn’t even Murph. That was what he said his name was the night he met my grandmother. She was a spitfire of a woman, full of sass, and had learned to stand up for herself. She insisted that since he had lied to her, she would then call him Murph for as long as she knew him. Which would be the remainder of his life.

Grammpy then would show us all the little proof that the Easter bunny had visited their house and was a rather funny bunny. That Easter bunny would put little jelly beans under all my grandmothers Hummel and other figurines. Then it was the Easter egg hunt in the yard.  Followed by a wonderful ham dinner.

Those moments are moments I can recall as if it were just yesterday. Today, I am going to spend time with friends and appreciate each moment. All too often we get swept up in what we “NEED” to do, and we don’t take enough time appreciating right now. If today is a holy day for you, you know why it is important to appreciate this day. If you are not celebrating this day as a holy day, appreciate the moment that we have, appreciating spring, the rebirth of life, and time with family and friends.

Peace and laughter everyone…

Or as Grammpy would say, Happy Keaster.


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