Coincidences…no such thing

Back in December, one Saturday morning while John and I were drinking coffee, I started to play this game with John. He was a bit down that day, and I thought the game would be a great way to change our mindset. Now, understand that the game was just fantasy; we were just playing, inventing and creating ideas. Well, the game went like this…

Christine: John, remember when I got that speaking event in Vegas? And I asked you to come along since it was Vegas? Remember how we decided to stay the weekend after the conference as some vacation time?

John: Yes I remember because that was the beginning of your speaking really taking off. After that conference the organizers were so excited about the results of your presentations they recommended you to, WOW, I can’t even remember how many companies!

Christine: What do you remember about that time?

John: I remember how we went to that car museum.

Christine: Oh, I do remember. That was awesome! Totally awesome!!! What else do you remember about that trip?!!!

John: I remember how the curator observed that I noticed the small details of the museum and he was amazed that someone understood and took the time to appreciate the details. As a result he invited us to his home for dinner.

Christine: Oh that was so cool! What else do you remember about that?

John: Well, I remember that his home was an amazing mansion and he had a great private car collection. Remember how he took me out driving in some of his private cars. And then, we started talking about car design and art and then he hired me to design a new car model and work in his design shop?

Christine: Yes I remember!

John: And then he asked me to do a series of paintings of the cars in the style of Virgil Finlay?

Christine: I DO remember! You did a FANTASTIC job on those pieces!

Christine: Oh man, that was a great trip. Who knew so many amazing things would all come together all because of one trip.

Okay, you get the idea! It was just a game, something to get us into that positive “Yes And” attitude we should have every day. The game did the trick. We were really excited and kept talking about “Remember When” we did this in Vegas, or that in Vegas.

About 3 weeks later, my employer sent me to a training seminar in North Carolina. I would be learning about…Document Destruction….yawn. I thought, well, perhaps I’ll come away with retaining at least 5% information. So I went, and really didn’t have the greatest expectations.

Well, I did learn, and I was surprisingly excited about the outcome. Now I must say that, since my background is comedy, everything I did learn, in my mind, was punctuated by a one liner and rim shot sound effect. None the less, I learned and connected; and all sorts of business, marketing and sales ideas came to mind. When I came back, I had a meeting with “Da Boss Man” and explained what I learned.

He then said that this mini conference was a test, and I passed. Then he said “So pack your bags, we’re going to the big conference in Vegas in a few weeks. Oh, and you should bring John and stay the weekend, since I’m brining my wife and we’ll make a trip of it.”

I couldn’t believe of all places, this conference was going to be in Vegas! And then he said, bring John! I could barely believe this was happening. I wouldn’t be speaking, but we were going to Vegas. Okay, so I get excited about silly little things, but it all seemed a bit surreal.

Well, we go to Vegas, and I want to make sure John gets to that museum. He, however, feels that since the rest of the group is not interested in cars that he should forgo the car museum. Instead he researched and found an artist, with 2 galleries on the strip. If we were near one of the galleries he wanted to stop in.

Well, we pass one of the galleries and he exclaims “oh that’s the gallery I wanted to see.” So of course we go in. As John does his viewing of art, I meander through and notice a guy standing in the back painted a portrait of a woman sitting there on a stool. Then I notice a brochure and pick it up to read about the gallery. Inside is a picture of the artist. I glance at the picture, back at the guy painting the portrait, back to the brochure, then back to the guy painting the portrait, and gasp. A gentleman working with the gallery say to me, yes that’s Kush, the artist. I’m speechless, really!

I’m standing there speaking with the artist manager and he tells me that Kush’s being there was just a fluke, as he was supposed to be there painting the portrait the week prior, but schedules had to be rearranged. He flew in from his home on Maui, and the portrait process takes an hour and a half. There are five different Kush galleries, and we stop into this one at that time!

Of course we didn’t interrupt Kush and say oh hi my name is….  We just let him paint. We had dinner reservations anyway, and could come back later and the manager encouraged us to do exactly that. Well, we did.

After dinner we returned and missed Kush and the artist manager. Of course I was disappointed, John wasn’t phased, he continued to admire the paintings as I shared the story of **coincidence** with the sales rep.   She was as wide eyed as I was at the string of events to have John and Kush at the same location on the same day. We continued talking and she expressed that she liked working at the gallery as she has a gift for understanding and communicating with artist and customers alike. At that point I shared that John is also an artist, and it’s good that there are people that can understand the artist mind. Just then, John walks up and points out that the lighting for one of the paintings is not ideal; it’s casting a severe shadow on one of the pieces. I’m mortified and thinking she’s thinking “who the blanketty, blank, blank, does this guy think he is? KUSH?!” Well, she glances over to me with a patient look of “yes, he is an artist” and says to John, “Oh really, which painting is that? ” and then allows him to point out the shadow. She really does understand the artist way.

The next day, we again stumbled upon the second Vegas Kush gallery. Kush wasn’t there. There was a sales rep, a different sales rep from the previous day. After a brief conversation, we discussed that we saw Kush painting the portrait the night previous and she was excited that we got to see that event. She expressed the rarity of his being there to do a portrait, and we shared our story. She was wide eyed, and behind us listening to the story was the artist manager we met the night before.

He too found the story kismet to say the least, and at that point he asked us to swap contact information, and that if we wanted to submit art for Kush to review, John could fill out an application. Crazy right?!

Perhaps the reality wasn’t exactly like the conversation of the game John and I played, but it was pretty darn close. After all, this was the first time we ever played the game. We never heard of the game before, we were just sitting there drinking coffee and as he was reminising over da blues of his life, I kicked in with “hey, ya’ want to play a game?”

And of course, it was all just a coincidence.


3 responses to “Coincidences…no such thing

  1. This was an amazing story when I heard it the first time and reading it again on your blog is just so inspiring. I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  2. Great story and just another confirmation of the fact that – “when you are clear, what you want will show up in your life and only to the extent you are clear” (ala Janet Attwood)

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